My name is Marie Fell and I love teaching & empowering others about posture, pilates and their pelvic floor.

My Story…

Hello, a warm welcome to my website.

My name is Marie Fell and I am a passionate pelvic health activist that will happily talk to anyone about all things pelvis related.

My background as a physiotherapist really brought me to where I am today. Having worked in the NHS for 12 years I developed a broad width and depth of medical knowledge but, the area that interested me the most was women’s health, now termed pelvic health.

I gave birth to my first child in 2012 via an elective (planned) c-section due to baby being in a breech (head up) position. After birth care was slim but I was extremely naive back then. I utilised my physiotherapy knowledge and recovered well post surgery. Hence my free ebook ‘The C-section survival guide’ was written to help empower others with after care struggles and queries.

I left the NHS and set up my own business in 2016 to help serve the pregnant and post natal population further, by teaching specialist Pilates. I taught regular pilates classes and by word of mouth, they soon filled. Alongside teaching my classes, I worked as a community physiotherapist and became a passionate public speaker at my local Mothercare parent-to-be events.

My second birth came five years later when I was a lot fitter, a lot smarter and a lot more aware of my birth choices. I desperately wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) or at least the chance to try and have a natural birth this time. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be and so I had a second abdominal birth.

It was really after this birth that my eyes were truly opened to the poor and dwindling after birth care for mothers. I was shocked and horrified when my GP congratulated me on my birth via a letter but “deemed it not necessary” for a 6 week follow up check unless I wanted “contraception, was heavily bleeding or in pain”.

I petitioned that lack of post natal care to parliament and gained 5500 supporters.

During this time, my husband relocated his job, himself, then us, our home, new schools, new nurseries to Luxembourg in Europe.

After this huge monumental move I gained work at Clare Marie Pilates in Kirchberg where I taught both pregnancy and post natal pilates happily for over a year until Covid struck.

I have been working studiously in the background for the last three years to improve post natal care in the UK and exciting there are positive changes being made.

During 2020 I created an online survey regarding post natal care and my findings were presented via the POGP (Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecology Physiotherapy) poster competition and published in their journal March 2021. I presented my findings at the first online Pelvic Roar conference in Jan 2021.

Currently I teach 1:1 Pilates clients at home and do online consultations and classes where necessary. I’m now looking into research and funding to get clinical trials and put my work into action. Watch this space on that one!


My Goals And Visions:

  • In 10 years time to make post natal physio available to ALL post natal women.
  • To get pelvic health education within the undergraduate Physiotherapy education syllabus so ALL physios understand this important topic.
  • To raise awareness amongst fitness professionals about post natal fitness regimes tailored to the individual women.

Some Random Facts About Me:

  • I turned vegetarian at the age of 36.
  • I breastfed my daughter until she was 14 months with a severe aversion for it.
  • I’m from Yorkshire but live in Luxembourg
  • I love walking in the forests here.
  • I’m a member of the adult choir at my son’s school.
  • And sometimes I look like an Eskimo as I don’t like being cold.

I hope you find the information you are searching for here to help you with your pregnancy or post natal journey. If you would like me to advise you on any postural, post natal or pregnancy pelvic health concerns I provide online consultations that you can find out all about in my WORK WITH ME section.

My professional accreditations…

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