When was your last bra fitting? Are you wearing your correct bra size?

I want to touch a little bit on breast health here as wearing the correct bra size has huge benefits, many we don’t even know or talk about.

There are a staggering number of us wearing the wrong bra, 93% in fact! Add in menarche, pregnancy, breastfeeding, post birth into the mix or on repeat over several years, illness/injury perhaps, peri-menopause and then post-menopause we need regular fittings that adapt with us and our life-changing events.


A good bra should support and uplift our breast tissue. An optimal bra fitting combined with postural awareness greatly improves breast position. More importantly, it improves posture, reduces back, neck and shoulder pain, can reduce your dress size by a WHOLE SIZE, improve your self-esteem and allow you to participate in exercise improving your overall quality of life.

Your bra packs a lot of goodness in it IF it fits correctly!

We all know that exercise is like a wonder drug for many ailments and yet for many, it is impacted by poor breast tissue support. One physio is on a mission to reduce the barriers and is paving the way with her posture matters business to help get more awareness out there.

Siobhan O’Donovan is a physiotherapist in Ireland who has phenomenal knowledge around all things BRAS and BREAST TISSUE health.

You can find her at website: https://www.posturefittingphysio.com

When did you last get your bra fitted? And that doesn’t mean measured in a shop, it means actually fitted into the correct sized bra for you? For me, it was FIVE years 😳!

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