BARRIERS to pelvic health care.

If we all looked after our pelvic health like we do our teeth, hair or even nails for some of us we would all benefit enormously.

BUT… because we can’t see the muscles inside and maybe because we’re not having issues, yet…it is often pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Here are some of the reasons (AKA EXCUSES) for me not doing my pelvic health care exercises;

I don’t have time;
I’m to tired;
I can’t be bothered;
I’m fine today I don’t need to;
I need to do x,y and z;
The children are sick;
The children need all my attention, all day;
I’m working, cleaning, cooking, sick;
Stacks of reasons and this is only just scratching the surface!

I remember once saying to a friend (naively) who had kids and I didn’t at this point:

“just do them everyday when you brush your teeth, make it a habit”,
to which she replied “Marie, some days I don’t even get to brush my teeth!” and I was like really?!?

But really, yes this is the reality for lots of us. Bottom of the pile, gliding like a swan but paddling ferociously underneath to stay afloat.

What stops you seeking pelvic health care or even practicing regular pelvic floor exercises?


Have you done your squeezes today?