What every c-section birth mummy needs to know…

Whether you have had a planned or unplanned caesarean section birth – the aftercare and advise differs from postcode to postcode in the UK.

From working on the maternity wards as a women’s health physiotherapist I truly felt ALL c-section mummy’s should be seen but sadly we were not allowed.

I wrote this guide for all mummy’s post c-section after experiencing one first hand myself. Since I wrote this, I have gone on to have another c-section and the advise I have written and illustrated is still relevant now.

I hope this helps empower you to get moving, seek pain relief if you are struggling and gives you some tips along the way.

A caesarean section is MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY. It is so important we emphasise to new mummy’s that their bodies are AMAZING at HEALING and will do so in time. But also, we need to emphasise the importance of the internal healing of tissues and also educate ladies that not only have they had their abdominal muscles cut, their uterus was also – so it’s like double surgery.

This guide was written to help you start moving in a safe way…

and encourage you to do so little and often.

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