Recommended by Marie

Every now and again, a product or service comes along that I love enough to share with you guys!  I recommend the following products or programmes, because I believe in how amazing they are. 

If you click through and make a purchase from any of the links below, I may make a small commission from the company you’ve purchased from. It won’t cost you anything extra, it’s just their way of thanking me for recommending them!

APPI Pilates Equipment

I use the APPI pilates equipment with all my clients and recommend it to them because its good quality and durable.

I also love their colours which matches my branding!

If you need some pilates equipment but are not sure where to start then resistance bands/loops and an ova ball are my go to pieces of equipment.

From there, I love my foam roller and magic circle that both aid and challenge my pilates workout.

The MUTU System

The MUTU system is a fantastic pregnancy and post birth programme that has been put together by Wendy Powell. She put this online programme together after her own pregnancy and birth experiences as she felt there was a huge gap in care and education in safe exercise that could help her body feel stronger.

Her system is widely recommended by pelvic health physiotherapists, GP’s and surgeons and has helped thousands of women internationally to feel better about their pregnant and post birth bodies. Mutu system is now an accredited NHS app which is tremendous. The statistical successes speak for themselves; 94% felt they had more body confidence, 97% had more pelvic floor control, 94% had healed their diastasis recti, 92% leaked less urine, 88% felt improvements in their prolapse symptoms and 89% had less painful sex.

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EVB Sportswear

EVB sportswear is a fantastic non-invasive way to help you exercise without the worry of embarrassing leakage problems. 

The genius behind this fantastic sportswear is Yvonne Brady. She is an engineer who has found a solution in designing her own sportswear to help reduce pelvic floor problems. Many of us suffer with dysfunctions such as prolapse, incontinence and pelvic pain. Wearing EVB sportswear enables more women to have active lifestyles and find some freedom and relief from their symptoms.

EVB sportswear is designed with your core and pelvic floor’s best interests in mind. They help alleviate prolapse, bladder leaking and pelvis pain as they are engineered to mould to your body shape and provide an uplift support. It has a triple layer technology that helps control continence function and gives your undercarriage the support it needs so you can stride out in confidence and style.