Menstrual Cycle Seasons

Lets explore the notion of our menstrual cycles following the traits of the four seasons.

❄️WINTER is where we have LOW HORMONE LEVELS.
We commonly see traits such as feeling flat, fatigued, no get up and go, lack lustre. We have a reduced interest in the world.
❄️ Winter is our time to REST, take time for ourselves, RECALIBRATE and build up our energy for the rest of our cycle.
Having a period is a SIGN OF GOOD HEALTH. (This is not to be confused with a withdrawal bleed like you get when taking the pill as your body has not ovulated).
Acknowledging the above allows us to Accept these feelings, Understand and Acknowledge them for what they are and Allows us to BE KIND to ourselves and DROP and RESENTMENT.

😊 Around Day 3 of our cycle oestrogen starts to rise and so we may feel more energised and positive about ourselves.

🍃SPRING is where we get an UPSURGE in ENERGY. We become more interested in the world. We are creative. We come up with good ideas or solutions. This is our social phase and one which we are a good team player. We are curious about life.
🍃 If after your Winter you are still feeling fatigued and this happens often, go speak to your GP and ask for a full blood count to see if you have an iron deficiency as not having any energy in this phase of your cycle can make life feel hard both mentally and physically.

☀️SUMMER is where we Ovulate for those not taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill. The process of ovulation can last around 24hours but it is possible to conceive during your cycle for around 6-7 days. Tracking your cycle improves your FERTILITY AWARENESS which helps to AVOID/ACHIEVE pregnancy.
☀️ In the build up to SUMMER and OVULATION we have more sexual desire and we are very social and keen to increase our visibility in the world. It’s mother natures sneaky way of making us want to reproduce. For some this time can be tricky as we don’t want to be seen for various reasons.

🍁 AUTUMN is where we get IRRITABLE. We have a steep drop in our Oestrogen hormone levels. This is where many of us may experience Pre-Menstrual Syndrome previously known as PMT (Pre-Menstrual Tension). Some people may suffer with extreme PMSS which is known as PMDD; Pre- Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder.
During our cycle our hormone balance is very sensitive to the main stars Oestrogen and Progesterone. So if we are producing too little of one or even too much we will pick up on this by tracking our cycle.

😊 Simply tracking your energy level if that’s a concern to you, or your libido for example or even just how you feel day to day, you will glean a wealth of information that all helps you understand YOUR BODY and YOUR CYLCE.

🙌🏼 It also empowers you to seek help from a health care professional as you can show them your cycle traits and link things together easier.