Life is busy – Throw a new baby into the mix and the whole roller-coaster becomes extreme. Sleep deprivation, crying baby, anxious new mum and trying to function some days are just not fun. But, it does get easier with time, eventually.

This is why you need to take time out as a new mum

The one thing that we all do as women is put the needs of others first.
We don’t think to put our own needs first.

New mum

Why it’s important for new mums to invest their time in themselves and not just baby.

If you were in a plane and the oxygen masks dropped down would you calmly put your own mask on before your child’s? Or would you frantically put their mask on first, then your own?

If you were in a burning building would you save your self or get your children out first?

Becoming a mother brings with it a natural instinct to protect your young from danger. It’s not surprising then that you always put their needs first.

The questions I want to ask is: What about you? What about YOUR needs?

Why don’t we invest in ourselves?
Why don’t we keep ourselves happy and healthy?

Doing things like sleeping when baby does or eating well instead of having chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea because you don’t have to energy to cook.

It’s often due to a lovely little feeling called GUILT.

You feel guilty if you do and guilty if you don’t. Guilty if you’re not giving them your undivided attention when they’re awake and guilty if you choose to sleep when they do instead of getting your housework done.

For a new mum, often it can feel like a lose:lose situation.

Especially with your first born child.

No one gives you a manual.

No one tells you what to do.

No one has it sussed for every child anyway as they are all so totally different. Regardless of how many parenting books you read, no one can tell you the best way to bring up your child. There are some great tips to help you and pieces of advise but only you can work out what is best.

And that is one SCARY mother of a job!

Imagine trying to be the CEO of a major company without any prior training or insight. It’s frightening and no one in their right mind would take that position! Especially if you are told you need to be on call 24/7 and work all hours for FREE.

But, we have the sisterhood to call upon. Support networks to call in for help when really necessary and we have the knowledge that other women have had children and survived. Different things get easier with time.

What I want to shine a little light on is YOU.

You are worth the investment of your time for you.

Bring Your Baby - Post-Natal Classes by Marie Fell - The Pilates Physio

You are amazing. Your body is so clever and amazing. It has just sheltered your baby for nine months and then delivered them into the world. It should receive so much credit.

You deserve to give your body some quality YOU time and not feel guilty about it.

Think about it this way, if you’re in pain from all the carrying, feeding, bending and lifting of a small baby/child then ignoring it is not going to make it better. Could you imagine still feeling like that in a year’s time?

Do something wild and invest your time and money in you.

By this I mean do something for you.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to have an hour a week of you time. In the grand scheme of things that is a minuscule amount.

But the benefits of giving yourself sixty precious minutes are epic.

If you choose to do a form of gentle exercise like Pilates, yoga or even just a gentle walk on your own (no attachments) then the endorphin release of your HAPPY hormones will be HUGE.


You will feel energised – imagine that!

You will sleep better, your focus will be clearer, you will feel happier and you will regain some control of your body shape and image.


Being able to find a class where you can bring your baby along whilst you exercise is an added bonus, but try and do this before baby starts crawling as that is a whole new level of fun!

What many of the mums in my Pilates class tell me is that they feel stronger, they feel fitter, they feel in control and they regain their own self worth. It literally can make you a better mum by looking after yourself, everyone benefits.

Moving your body is so important for everyone. Keep it still and static and your posture suffers, your muscles become overworked and tense and you feel lethargic. Repeat this cycle and your aches become pains and then you enter a whole new world of problems.

Move it or lose it!

Give your body the squeeze of nourishment it deserves by moving it.

Empower your body, focus your mind and nurture your soul.

If you would like more information on my Bring Your Baby class – perfect for a new mum – it’s on every Monday at 10.30 -11.30pm at Ockbrook Parish Hall, Derby, DE72 3SL. Please visit my website for more information or get in touch I’d love to hear from you.