Our hormone “cycle” in colour and illustration.

I LOVE a good visual so have drawn this out for you all.

It shows quite wonderfully how the different “seasons” of our cycle flow.

Please note many of us will have longer and shorter seasons within our cycle so for example your Winter maybe long or short depending how many days you are menstruating for.

For educational purposes this shows you an average cycle “proposed norm” but remember this is only a small 12.4% of us who have a 28 day cycle.

If you are no longer having periods you can still follow the seasons of your cycle using the dark moon as the start of your Winter and the New moon as the start of your Summer. The energies of the lunar cycle are very similar to our menstrual cycle lengths for the average person.

The bottom digraph represents the key player hormones that ebb and flow in our cycle notably Oestrogen and Progesterone. Testosterone is fairly steady throughout our cycles as you can see in the BROWN colour.

OESTROGEN is our Beyonce hormone. She wants us to feel social, alive, raring for action and confidently out there visible to the world. We want to use it but then in the second half of our cycle lose it.

PROGESTERONE is our pregnancy hormone. This is preparing our body for if we conceive. It can drastically slow down our DIGESTIVE transit time therefore it can be normal for us to feel constipated as our gut slows down.

As you can see in our Autumn, our hormones levels drastically drop off which explains why we can become IRRITABLE. Also known as PMS which I’ll cover in another blog post.

I think we should all have been taught this earlier on in life so if you have daughters who are coming into the age of having their first period known as Menarche, then show them this, talk about it and help each other to understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions linked to your monthly cycle.

Do not underestimate the power of periods!