overcame fear of needles

Before having my little boy I had two real phobias:

Fear of needles and fear of childbirth.

My needle phobia has always been a problem.

I often fainted following injections – I think it was the thought of the pain rather than the actual injection that scared me most. By the time I  had got myself so wound up and in a tizzy the injection wasn’t just a physical pain but a mental monster!

I recall a particularly bad incident at high school when we all had to have our 2 injections, the circle one in the forearm followed by the one that leaves a mark on your shoulder.

I remember trying to be brave as all my friends were also having it done and I got through the injection back to my technology class only to pass out and hit my head hard on one of the work benches, cue major embarrassment when I came round!


So my phobia and fear of needles intensified – I was determined to say I overcame fear of needles


When I learnt that pregnancy involved blood tests and the potential of having to have an amniocentesis and the thought of needing an epidural literally paralysed me with fear. I kind of went into needle meltdown and so having children for me did not come into my forefront until my thirties.

It was at the age of thirty I had an energetic shift within me that said ITS TIME!

I felt my body was telling me I was ready to have a child and so fortunately for me two years after getting married I became pregnant.

I fully embraced it and went to pregnancy yoga every week and signed up for a hypnobirthing course extremely early on, I think I was 20 weeks.

I went into the zone.

I became focused and positive that my body was designed to do this and I actually looked forward to the challenge of labour. I personally found hypnobirthing amazing. It was so positive, calming, reassuring and super empowering.

It gave me a huge dose of self belief and self confidence that I could actually do this.

Overcoming my fears…


I listened to the calming music.

I practised the mantras and daily affirmations.

And I used the meditation guides they gave us.

It transformed me as a person.

When I found out I needed to have an elective C-section as my baby was breech I really cried as I felt all my power to give birth naturally had been taken away from me.


Plus I was hugely hormonal at this point.


I tried other alternative therapies to turn my baby naturally as I declined the medical ECV (external cephalic version) procedure. I had acupuncture, reflexology and I tried following the recommendations from the spinning babies website for turning a breech baby.

I took the holistic approach.


During reflexology I felt my baby try and turn but he literally couldn’t and so I left there knowing that having the C-section was indeed the way my baby would be birthed.

So, here’s how I overcame both my fears…

I gained confidence from my hypnobirthing experience to go though a spinal anaesthetic and abdominal surgery with calm and composure.


I used my hypnobirthing music during my anaesthetic procedure.


I put my breathing exercises into practise and remained calm and relaxed throughout.


I kept my composure and my control.


And for that I am truly grateful.


Following my C-section, I had no problems with my lower back/injection site.


I maintained a positive mindset and I recovered well.


I truly believe that the calming, empowering effect hypnobirthing had on me made me a stronger person.


A lot of the things I learnt from hypnobirthing I pass on to my ladies who are pregnant and attend my Beautiful Bumps class.


During relaxation at the end of my pregnancy Pilates classes I often use affirmations and breathing exercises to bring elements of calm, control and confidence to my ladies that their bodies are designed to give birth and that they can do this.


I truly believe that the focus and positivity of the mind is just as important as the strength and stamina your body requires for labour.


It’s mind and body working together.

It’s harmonious and…

It is possible.


For more information about my Beautiful Bumps Pilates classes you can visit my website http://www.thepilatesphysio.co.uk They run every Thursday night at 6.30pm for a maximum of six ladies. All equipment is also provided and a safe haven is created week on week.