Let’s bust some PELVIC HEALTH myths

Peeing your pants little or often can be extremely COMMON so please don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about it if this is happening to you, but IT IS NOT NORMAL.

Equally, you don’t have to put up with those feelings, help is out there but it’s important you see the right person at the right time.

I’d highly recommend an assessment with a PELVIC HEALTH PHYSIOTHERAPIST.

This is a post code lottery I’m afraid. Sometimes you can self refer, sometimes you need a GP referral, sometimes only consultant or midwife referrals are accepted.

It depends on your local care quality commission and what they fund/don’t fund in your area. BONKERS, I KNOW!!

It doesn’t matter HOW MUCH or HOW LITTLE you leak or even WHEN (cough, sneeze, laugh, run, jump, can’t hold it in long enough) it is still classed as INCONTINENCE.

Incontinence is NOT JUST WEE either. It can be wind, poo or water post swimming or a bath.

Signs of ANY AMOUNT of leakage, IS LEAKAGE.

See the signs – your pelvic floor muscles need a bit of TLC and an assessment + workout.



“Oh it’s to late for me, I had my babies weeks, months, years ago”. Nope, it isn’t to late for anyone, any age, any gender.

Also for those who have a job that involves heavy lifting, they have a chronic cough or are overweight = it’s never to late to start making small changes that result in BIG LIFESTYLE GAINS.

PREGNANCY AND BIRTH = Obstetric History.
Regardless of whether you leak or don’t leak post pregnancy and birth,

REMEMBER: the menopause is when your Obstetric History catches up with you.

For any of us who have been pregnant and regardless of the method of delivery ALL OF US have had our pelvic floor muscles SAT ON and SQUISHED for up to NINE MONTHS! That’s a lot of squishing in a LOOOOONG space of time.

Pelvic floor muscles exercises are for LIFE post pregnancy and post birth.
Once post natal, ALWAYS post natal!