PILATES was founded by Joseph Pilates who studied yoga and fitness regimes before designing his own type of exercise that was based on Contrology.

Pilates poses are based on using your body’s natural corset muscles that attach directly onto your spine to provide stability, control and improve flexibility. It is a mind body workout as you combine the out breath with the effort – a technique that is paramount to pelvic floor health.
There are EIGHT principle to Pilates which are PRECISION, FLOW, CONTROL, BREATHING,

Each pilates exercise allows to you tune into your own body, to become aware of your own posture, to strengthen your core muscles and work with your breath to get out of your head and into your body.

What you don’t get taught in the huge Pilates gym classes that I attended before I trained as a Pilates instructor was the IMPORTANCE of your posture in each pose.

The precision of keeping your spine neutral with your core active and then move the arms or legs or both. The WHY your breath should flow with the effort and the HOW to work your pelvic floor and core muscles correctly.


If you were taught “zip and hollow” and thought what IS THAT ANYWAY? – I can’t feel it, I can’t tell if I’m doing it right – you most definitely were doing it wrong!

A good Pilates teacher will teach you the exercises.

A great Pilates teacher will help you to understand WHY you are doing the exercises, WHAT benefits they will bring and CORRECT your technique if you are way off.


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