Posture Matters

Your posture really matters and can affect many things. It is powerful and says a lot about you.

It can portray confidence and shyness, it can improve your digestive system function or compromise it, it can prevent body aches and pains or contribute towards them and it can improve your general health and wellbeing as if we stand/sit taller, we breathe better, we feel more energised and are generally more productive and able to focus.

So WHY is it super hard for most of us to have good postural HABITS?

Modern lifestyle.

Comfy sofas, comfy chairs, the stereotypical images of being cool if you slump at school, sitting up straight was geeky (or it was in the North!), mobile phones, electronic devices, repetitive bending and lifting in bad ergonomically ways, and so on.

As the pace of life gets faster, many of us opt for comfort to keep up.


Your posture can have a direct link to your pelvic floor function. New research by Diane Lee using ultrasound imagery has seen amazing differences that your posture can make to your pelvic floor function.

We can all work to improve our postures.
Just like we can all make an effort to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles.

First, you need to acknowledge your posture, move your body, realign your spine and thank yourself for noticing.


It’s a lot easier SAID than done!

Set yourself a posture challenge, notice it, change it, feel the difference in a few weeks. It takes times to break a lifetime habit but this one is worth the effort in gold.

If you need motivation, get yourself an image of a person with a severe hump in their shoulders or a terrible head position on their body in old age. It affects their eating, their ability to move, their body aches and pains and their day to day function and quality of life.

Posture is one for the long road and it’s WORTH every second of your attention.

For more postural information and tips take a look at my educational page dedicated to all things posture on my website.