Are you struggling with upper or lower back pain since becoming pregnant or having a baby?

Does your back ache from all the repeated lifting and carrying you are doing all day and night?

Is it strain to carry your baby in their car seat?

Do your shoulders and neck ache constantly from feeding in awkward positions for long periods just so your baby feeds for more than 10 minutes?

Here are 9 reasons why you need to keep moving as a new mum


Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of those aches and pains?

Brilliant Backs Post-natal Classes by Marie Fell - The Pilates Physio

I know what all of the above feel like.

I’ve experienced them all first hand and if I struggled with the above, chances are you are to.


Being a mum is complex.


It’s physically hard work – loads of repetitive bending and lifting – it’s no wonder your back aches.

It’s mentally tough – try working 24/7 on one or two hours consecutive sleep if you’re lucky.

It’s emotionally exhausting – you run on adrenaline and chocolate by night, feel shattered constantly but are trying to be joyful and grateful you have been blessed with a baby by day.

So it’s not difficult to see why during this transformational time YOUR needs come last and you ACHE.


You. Are. Just. Trying. To. Function: day by day, sometimes hour by hour.


What if I told you, YOU can reduce your aches and pains.

You have everything you need to help you and the best bit…it’s totally FREE!

Your body – your vehicle is AMAZING and very clever.

If it’s hurting, it’s giving you a message. This message of ‘I am sore’ is crying out NOURISH me and by this I mean MOVE it, literally and metaphorically speaking.


Here’s what happens to your body if you DON’T move and stay in the same position for to long:-

  1. Your joints become stiff, they need movement to help them work. Think oil can and tin man here.
  2. Your muscle bulk and strength diminishes, you start to feel weak physically.
  3. You gain weight or you can’t shift your baby weight.
  4. Your posture suffers and you become rounded and hunched up.
  5. Your muscles generate tension like a pressure cooker.
  6. You circulation starts to feel sluggish as do you.
  7. Your mood dips and you find yourself feeling irritable and frazzled.
  8. It’s no surprise then that these all lead to feeling shattered and lets be honest, totally pants!


So, what happens if you choose to MOVE?

  1. You lubricate your joints with lovely nutrients that make them happy.
  2. You build muscle strength which is needed in abundance as a new mum.
  3. You start to lose excess weight which makes you move better.
  4. You start to reclaim your body image and sense of self worth.
  5. Your posture improves as you can move your body into great positions that nurture your spine.
  6. You reduce muscle tension and ease those aches away.
  7. Your circulation greatly improves.
  8. Your mood elevates as it responds to your endorphin release of your happy hormones.
  9. You boost your energy levels all by yourself.

Bring Your Baby - Pre-Natal Classes by Marie Fell - The Pilates Physio


So here’s what I suggest:


Invest in YOU. Create time for YOU.

Choose to MOVE. Move IT or loose IT.

And here’s the biggie, DON’T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.

Imagine if you still felt the same way now in a year’s time because you didn’t make that choice?


If I could encourage you to MOVE freely I would suggest simple circulatory or mobility exercises or go for a walk (on your own, or with someone else pushing the pram). These are all completely FREE to do.

Taking up an exercise class like yoga or Pilates is a great way to get your body moving again. I run a Bring Your Baby class which is perfect for new mummies to come along with baby and exercise in a safe haven specifically for them. You get to bond with your baby and meet other new mums in the same predicament as you who totally get it without you even saying so.

You can also try exercising in water. You don’t have to swim you can walk up and down or do exercises at the side of the pool. This is a brilliant way to keep moving if you are sore as the water offloads your joints.

If you want to try a more energetic class post baby try Zumba or Aqua Aerobics or even buggy bootcamps. Just make sure your teacher is aware you are post natal and they know how to adapt exercises to tailor your post pregnancy body needs.


Ease your body in GENTLY. Go with the flow.


You will start to reap the rewards and feel the benefits in abundance I can assure you. Your energy will rise, you’ll feel better in yourself and your confidence will soar.


Invest in YOU.

Happy Mum = Happy Home.

Without wanting to sound like a cliche, because you’re worth it!


If you would like more information on my Bring Your Baby class it’s on every Monday at 10.30 -11.30pm at Ockbrook Parish Hall, Derby, DE72 3SL. Please visit my website for more information or get in touch I’d love to hear from you.


PS. If you haven’t got your copy yet click below for “10 super quick tips to fit pelvic floor exercises into your day” Pelvic floor exercises are for life once your have had children ladies 🙂

Disclaimer: As a physiotherapist I would encourage you to wait on average six weeks for your body to recover from labour and delivering your baby until you commence any exercise regime. This excludes walking and circulatory/mobility exercises as you can start those straight away providing you are well physically.

If you are suffering with extreme levels of pain or have any pins and needles/numbess anywhere seek medical advise before you exercise.

Also if you have back pain and a sudden onset of the inability to control your bladder or bowel function (you soil/wet yourself without realising) or you can’t feel any sensation down there, then get an urgent medical review.