Healthy Eating: Seeds and salads

Although you wouldn’t have guessed it from looking at me, I wasn’t particularly a healthy eater when I was younger.

I was very fussy.

I think I could count on two hands the amounts of different foods I would eat.

I feel for my poor mother cooking endless meals for me that I wouldn’t touch. The awful arguments at meal times, the anxiety of going for tea at friends houses, when younger. If it  wasn’t chips what would I eat?

My diet consisted of coco-pops and milk, ribena, chicken, chips, sweetcorn, angel delight, pancakes, yorkshire puddings and carrots. I hated mince and anything that “looked” sloppy, thick textured, green or otherwise. I had a very sweet tooth and adored chocolate and crisps. The only fruit I ever ate was apple that had to be chopped up, de-skinned and with sugar!

Not healthy indeed.

Consequently I suffered with a shocking immune system throughout my childhood and early adult years.

So how did I turn my diet around?

There were a few key pivotal thing that took place looking back.

At 18, I went travelling around Australia for six months as a gap year before I started university. For some reason I lived off packet noodles with sautéed mushrooms and carrots for most of that trip due to food costs.

I became hungry.

After that, I decided to eat what I was given and be grateful for that home cooked meal. I loved veggies and meat and started to eat a much more varied diet.

Following my gap year, I embarked on my university journey. A whole new world of food and cooking appeared before me and I became very fond of pasta and roast dinners!

I still had a very strong sweet tooth and would devour a bag of minstrels or popcorn without thinking.

I met my husband at the age of 24 and being fluent in French and working there I developed a taste for Raclette, Fondue, Tariflette and coq au vin to name just a few new favourite dishes.

I never loved salads or seeds though and my knowledge of what to even do with them was very limited.

Fast forward 10 years and due to a few major life changes, my son being born, my mum passing away suddenly, me leaving my 12 year NHS career; I turned eventually to nutrition to help my failing immune system and fatigue.

I’m surprised really it took me so long to do in hindsight.

I sought help from a brilliant nutritional therapist and have not looked back.

I now eat salads for lunch that are not lettuce with a bit of cucumber and tomato (although they do feature in there amongst the contents).

I add seeds to my porridge, salads, soups and with main meals – who knew they could be eaten in so many yummy ways!

I turned a corner with my diet and started to eat the way my body needed.

Because of this lifestyle change and epic lifestyle choice, I feel fitter, healthier and happier.

I no longer sugar crave, crash and burn daily.

I substitute my sugar foods for healthier versions and I haven’t looked back.

So if I’m ever offered a salad or a meal with seeds it would be a thumbs up from me and a packet of gratitude for someone showing me the way!

With huge thanks to Jane Barrett from Nurturing Nutrition whose guidance and seeking answers has led me on this journey of discovery and aided me to feel ENERGISED (post children – who knew that was even possible!) and sorted out my terrible immune system.

To health and happiness always!

Now pass me that butternut squash salad with sunflower seeds.