How to stop pee in your pants!


Do you cough, laugh or sneeze and a little bit of wee escapes?

1:3 women do.

Do you plan your day out around where the next toilet is?

Bladder problems are extremely common.

Do you fear not getting to the loo on time?

You are not alone.


Most of us have embarrassing childhood memories of the odd pee in your pants accident here and there, I can recall three incidences for me that ranged from 2 – 9 years old. Often a change in circumstances and fear of putting your hand up in a brand new class to stand up and walk out in front of everyone can do that to you. But wetting yourself as an adult is a whole new different level of mortification. We all want to know how to stop pee in your pants.


The word a lot of us don’t like to talk about or admit to anyone is INCONTINENCE. It’s got a stereotypical older lady problem tag attached to it. For many this is not the case as it affects us throughout life. Especially during pregnancy and having children.

It comes in many forms.

Wee, poo and wind to be exact!

All are unpleasant.

All are embarrassing and put huge mind monkeys in our heads causing us to fret, frown and fear for our underwear.


Well, no more my friend.

There is a superhero who can help banish your bloomer blunders and restore calm, control and confidence in your pelvic organs.

All will be revealed.


Do you suffer from peeing your pants if you cough, sneeze or laugh?

This is known as Stress Incontinence.


Do you fear not getting to the loo on time?

This is known as Urge Incontinence.


Unfortunately some ladies suffer with wee and poo leakages of this nature.


Have you ever lost control of your wind in a yoga class especially during a downward dog pose?

Hands up if that’s a big fat yes!

This is known as Flatal Incontinence.


All types of Incontinence are occurring daily all around us.



…they can be stopped.


And the superhero of the hour is your PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES.


Their function is to hold your pelvic organs both UP and IN.

They provide support and a stabilising role to your lower back.

They have a sexual function.

And, they control your bladder and bowel outlets.


So not only can they help you avoid embarrassing wetting/soiling yourself moments, they can reduce your back pain!


A women’s health physiotherapist can assess your pelvic floor muscles and create a tailored exercise programme that is made specifically for you.


So how do you stop pee in your pants exactly?

As a general rule you should follow the 10, 10, 3 rule.

x10 fast squeezes

x10 slow squeezes

each performed x3 a day.


It is the secret exercise. No one can tell you’re doing them, unless your jaw clenching, buttock squeezing or the like!

They literally take 2 – 3 minutes a day to do.

Therefore, I encourage you ladies, start squeezing, daily and reward yourself when you say bye bye to back pain and au revoir to your incontinence pads.

Feel confident. Feel in control and feel empowered.

If you struggle for time as you’re up to your eyeballs in nappies,  running around juggling a job and your kids, or your work is intense and you’re to tired to even think about doing your pelvic floor exercises then download my FREE 10 super quick ways to fit pelvic floor exercises into your day guide here


Happy squeezing ladies.


If you would like more information about pelvic floor exercises and how to exercise them correctly I run Pilates classes in Derby that are tailored to ladies who are wanting to tone up, are pregnant or are new mums. Visit my website for more details.