Mum you were a shining star

And we know you’re still here both near and far.

We’ll always remember your big sunny smile

And the constant photos you took all the while.


Your passion for speedway led you to our Dad,

Who with him you travelled and three children had.

And though some things were not meant to be

You managed to maintain our small family.


We remember Bradford for various things

For visits to Grandma and you buying rings.

The fish and chips, the food shopping trips

The Singapore pictures on cine film clips.


You were inspiring to us in so many ways

Of how you went back to Uni in your older days.

Your achievement of completing your teaching degree

Will always be up there with our fond memories.


From playgroup to Brownies you led them all

You were known as Poppy to the Rainbows so small.

There’s many a child you helped through the years

And we know that your love helped them overcome fears.


As a nursery nurse and teacher you excelled everyday

From your insistence to teach kids to learn through their play.

Your enthusiasm and kindness always shone bright

You will always be remembered as a beacon of light.


You were a pillar of strength for those who you knew

Your work in the Ukraine was perfect and true.

You chaired the church council, you deaconed with pleasure

You’d walk around the village whatever the weather.


We admired you more for your odd quirky ways

How you loved castles and knights and medieval slays.

You read Elizabeth Chadwick novels with patience and glee

And thought we didn’t get them, they made you happy.


Your kindness and love is with us today

And we know in our hearts, forever you’ll stay.

We are blessed and we love that your were our Mum

To us you’re the best and second to none.