What is happening to your body during pregnancy?

When you become pregnant, your body goes through phenomenal changes, so what is happening to your body during your pregnancy? Here’s the lowdown simplified;

鉂わ笍 your heart works harder,

馃А your fluid volumes INCREASE dramatically,

馃挍 your lungs get squished upwards as your uterus grows and you most likely will go up a bra size or several as your ribs gets physically wider,

馃挌 your gut slows down leading to constipation and strain on your pelvic floor,

馃挋 your kidneys get squished along with your bladder leading to frequency of peeing and sometimes leakage = more pelvic floor strain.



馃挏 There is an 猬嗭笍in PROGESTERONE which causes…

Your smooth muscle tone to relax: gut = constipation, uterus = egg implantation, oesophagus = acid reflux/heartburn.

Your boobs to get bigger, your body temp to rise, you may experience severe mood swings.

馃挏 There is an 猬嗭笍 in OESTROGEN which causes…

Increased blood flow = nourishes baby + causes achy, tboobs/stuffy noses + swollen feet and ankles in third trimester.

Your kidneys work overtime to process the extra fluids and your uterus compresses your bladder = many toilet trips!

Your skin to glow, your hair to grow.

馃挏 There is an 猬嗭笍 in hCG ( human chorionic gonadotropin) which causes…

Your placenta to form and that sense of nausea, your heightened sense of smell = more nausea.

馃挏 There is an 猬嗭笍 in RELAXIN which causes…

Ligaments to lengthen in preparation for birth.

This starts from 12/40 and peaks at 24/40.

馃挏 There is an 猬嗭笍 in OXYTOCIN which causes…

Your love hormone allows your uterus to contract and you to birth your baby.

As you can see there is A LOT going on!