Hello February!

The start of a new month, the month of LOVE where we celebrate Valentine’s Day with oodles of chocolate, roses, teddy bears and all the other commercial items attached to it.

When we think about LOVE – it really needs to first come from within us, within our hearts and I’m talking about the love we have for ourselves.

If we don’t love and APPRECIATE ourselves, how can we love and appreciate others?

You maybe thinking what has this got to do with Pilates? But, it is the essence of Pilates.

Do you look after YOU?

Do you make your own self care a priority?

If you suffer with back pain do you make time to go to Pilates or practise it at home?

Do you LOVE you?

Pilates is not a short term fix.

Pilates is part of a process of taking the time out to look after you, your body and your body’s needs.

Our bodies are our vessels, our ships that get us from A to B.

It’s not until one bit starts to ache, creak or groan that we fully appreciate how amazing our bodies are.

By practising Pilates regularly you are NURTURING your SPINE.

Pilates has literally GOT YOUR BACK.

But as with all exercise, strengthening and toning your tummy muscles TAKES TIME.

We know that to build muscle strength can take 3 – 6 months.

This is why Pilates isn’t a quick fix.

Pilates is a lifestyle choice.

A choice to recognise your body for it’s wonderful functional ability, we need to protect it and take care of it.

Pilates is a lifestyle change.

If you choose to become more aware of your body position and posture you will quickly learn your body’s quirky cheats and be able to correct them.

This is the power of BODY AWARENESS.

The power of RECOGNITION.

Sharpen your focus and tune your mind back into your body.


It’s ABILITY to prevent injury if more awareness is in place.

Learn to feel your core.

Find your core.



And persist with Pilates to reap all of those wonderful benefits.

We take our Pilates practise home with us and use it to help us empty the dishwasher, load the washing machine, type on the computer, relax our shoulders away from our ears when preparing food.




But, it’s not a short term fix!


If you would like to join me in my Pilates classes I teach in Ockbrook – a quiet little village in Derbyshire. Class time tables can be found on my website www.thepilatesphysio.co.uk. I teach small class sizes to ensure all participants get my specialist physiotherapy and Pilates expertise.