Seven ways to get you motivated to move…

As the New Year dawns most of us will promise ourselves New Years Resolutions such as drink more water, eat less biscuits, get more exercise and so on. So, how do we get motivated to do it?

After the build up of Christmas and the fullness of overfeeding classically on a big box of chocolates, lots of alcohol and everything else sugary to “keep us going” we often turn to a detox, a cleanse and a clear out.

But, in January, especially here in the UK it’s Winter time and the cold days and dark nights can leave your good intentions stranded on a highway to no where.

So how do you find the motivation to move?

This fortnight’s blog post is here to provide you with a little bit of va va voom and encourage you to get up and go! And I’m not talking exercise fads here or how many repetitions you need to do of what.

Becoming motivated to move is often linked to your state of mind or the mindset you are in.

There’s a great quote by Julia Cameron: “You have to move a muscle to move a mood”.

So here are my seven top tips for you to get motivated to move.

Top tip No.1: Find positive people

Surround yourself with positive people who are motivated to move already.

This will literally rub off on you.

People who radiate positive energy literally pass it on. So my advise would be to surround yourself with radiators. Join a club or team up with a friend to motivate each other to go for that walk, swim, run (insert your activity here).

Top tip No.2: Accountability

Marie Fell - The Pilates Physio

If you tell someone what you are going to do or make it public knowledge then you increase your chances of committing to the task and getting it done. It may help you again to double up with a good friend and get moving together so you motivate each other.

Pre-pay in advance for a block booking of exercise classes if you like exercising in groups. If you have pre-paid something then to get the most value out of it you need to attend. You often get a good discount to so there’s a double incentive.

Top tip No.3: Education is Empowering

What are the benefits to moving and what are the benefits of keeping still?

Hopefully your list will tip in favour of moving for many reasons and these reasons alone will help keep you focused on your WHY and get you moving.

Top tip No.4: Write down your REASONS to move

Put your reasons in writing and then stick them to the back of your toilet door or somewhere you regularly go to remind you several times a day about the WHY FACTOR.

Top tip No.5: Aim for something

Set yourself a goal or target to achieve.

Do a walk for charity and raise money to help others less fortunate. Put the date in your diary. Sign up to the cause and pre-pay your entry fee. Start your training and feel the physical and mental benefits you get from it.

Top tip No.6: Gratitude

When you can’t be bothered and believe me it will come many times – think about the WHY again and if you have a charity you are hoping to raise money for – use gratitude and be thankful that you can get out and move freely and do it with more gusto than ever because you can.

Top tip No.7: Music

Use motivational music to help you get up and go. There is always a song that will help you to feel better, feel energised and feel raring to go again. The Eye of the Tiger (Survivor), Don’t stop me now (Freddie Mercury) and Born this way (Lady Gaga) are on my running playlist and really do carry me on some parts when I really don’t feel I can go any further.

Whatever your music choices are get them on a device you can listen to out walking/running and enjoy the feel good factor they bring you as they motivate you to move.

And finally, don’t forget to CONGRATULATE your efforts and achievements and give yourself a huge PAT-ON-THE-BACK. If you’ve done this with a  friend, pat each others backs as the hard work, effort and determination will be worth it.

If you read this and think brilliant, great idea but then don’t implement it, then here are my reasons WHY moving is magic…

  • It improves your balance
  • It strengthens our bones
  • It boosts your body’s endorphin release = natural happy hormones.
  • It reduces joint stiffness
  • It allows us to breathe deeper
  • It increases our oxygen supply
  • It enhances your mood
  • It improves our posture
  • It improves our concentration levels
  • It improves our energy levels
  • It increases our flexibility
  • It improves our stamina
  • It helps us relax and unwind
  • It can relieve aches and pains
  • It improves our social well being

Movement is magic!

Reap the benefits and start moving your body. In doing so you will be helping to nurture and nourish it with goodness.


If you would like to learn more about the Pilates classes I teach in Ockbrook, Derbyshire you can find out more at

Please note: exercise responsibly.

If you suffer with any long term pain or medical health conditions you may want to discuss the best type of exercise with your GP or physiotherapist.

Gentle walking is usually the perfect choice but is not always possible for some of us so seek advise where needed.

But most of all, have FUN!