Driving – love it or hate it?

It can be a bit like marmite can’t it.

BUT, does driving fill you with dread?

Do you prefer quiet back country lanes or wide open motorways? Whatever you prefer chances are that certain driving scenarios do indeed fill you with dread.

Short distances or long distances – do you remember the journey at all or were you driving on automatic pilot?

Are you tense and stressed when you drive or relaxed and calm?

Do you find you lack confidence behind the wheel?

Imagine driving a whole journey with clear focus, brilliant concentration and confidence that makes you feel in control.

BECAUSE YOU CAN and I’m going to let you into a little secret about HOW.

Have you ever noticed your posture when driving?

Let’s paint a classic picture – it’s Monday morning, you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, running late – again.

  • Your shoulders slowly begin to creep up towards your ears.
  • Your head is practically touching the windscreen willing the cars in front of you to move.
  • Your gripping the steering wheel so tight you almost lose circulation in your fingers.
  • Before you know it, your lower and upper back are in AGONY.

The situation you are in is mirrored in your driving posture.

So, lets STOP you right there.

It’s time to turn your driving dread into driving head!

What on Earth does that mean I hear you say?!

And here’s the big secret….

To drive with more confidence and clarity it all needs to start with your HEAD – and I’m talking about it’s position on your body (or lack of).

Get your head back on top of your body.

Crikey – even use the head rest if you dare!

It’s a funny thing the head rest of a car because 90% of road users do not use it. This is an observation taken by me stood at countless bus stops over the years watching commuter traffic. So please feel free to challenge me on that statistic if you also sit and watch people’s postures in cars.


BUT on a serious note…if we place our heads on the head rest – magical, wondrous things begin to happen…

  • our shoulders relax.
  • our grip on the steering wheel loosens.
  • our shoulder blades come to rest gently against the back of our chest wall.
  • we gain height in sitting.
  • our lower back posture improves.
  • our aches and pains subside.

We feel more confident because our posture is proud.

A serious challenge to all my blog readers is find and start using your HEAD REST when you are driving.

It’s amazing how many things improve if we use our heads well.

PLACE YOUR HEAD ON TOP OF YOUR BODY and not in front and feel your driving posture dramatically improve and so with it your body confidence and driving confidence.


Practise makes perfect but the more you become aware of your head posture in driving the more you will correct it and so the less aches and pains you will have.

Winner winner!

If you would like to learn more about good postural habits you can read all about it in “How to improve your posture” or alternatively you can find out more about my online course CONFIDENT CORE that is downloadable and gives you life time access to five modules to work through in the comfort of your own home linking your core and posture.