This week marks World Continence week from 18/6/2018. There are several people campaigning to bring this to the forefront of the media and really grab the nations attention. Have a look at #pantsnotpads and see some of the amazing work that the pelvic roar team are doing. Pelvic roar is a team of three women’s health physiotherapists who are passionate about improving pelvic health and are making waves in putting our profession in the headlights. Hurray!


Its very common that people have pelvic floor dysfunctions. 1:3 women leak urine, 1:9 women leak faeces which is extremely unpleasant for them and socially very isolating. These are the figures of people who come forward and speak up about their problems – we suspect there are many more who just simply put up and shut up about their continence problems as they think its normal or are to embarrassed to talk about it.


Whilst we want more ladies and gents to work their pelvic floor muscles, making them stronger is not always the smart thing to do.

Here are some little snippets from me about how to get pelvic floor smart and stop the leaking…

?Some ladies have a tight pelvic floor.

?Some ladies have a weak pelvic floor.

? Some of us leak.

? Some of us visit the toilet A LOT & often “just in case”.

? Some of us feel heavy/bulky/a pressure down there.

? Some of us have no clue how to work our pelvic floor.

? Most of us don’t prioritise our pelvic floor exercises & can find a tonne of excuses for it.

? Strong is not always Smart!

? Get a SMART pelvic floor that serves your purpose.

? Get interested.
? Get involved.
Get control back.

? VALUE & PRIORITISE your pelvic health ladies.

? Your body is your vessel.

? NURTURE it & use it wisely.

There’s no point what so ever holding your pelvic floor squeezes for 10 seconds if it wains, dwindles & peeters off after 3 seconds.

If you struggle to feel, find or hold your back passage, vagina & bladder passages closed for no longer than 2-3seconds THEN…

It’s time to see a WH Physio
? It’s time to start doing your pelvic floor squeezes more often
? It’s time to take back control of your pelvic organ outlets!

? For now though, imagine your passages like a flower opening & closing. Use your hand to mimic the action of a flower opening & closing.

Feel the connection of the movement your hand is making to the movement your pelvic organ outlets should be making.

? Put them both together & viola! Your pelvic floor should start syncing a little bit more with your brain.

Happy opening & closing!

Sometimes we need visual, auditory and imaginary cues to help us really understand and appreciate what we should be doing when performing certain tasks.

I love this example to help people find and connect with there front pelvic floor region try drawing up your nuts to your guts or testicles to spectacles – the amount of light bulbs I see going off in peoples faces when I describe it this way I can truly see the realisation and connection between muscle and mind. It is brilliant to watch.

Marie Fell - The Pilates Physio

Pelvic floor exercises really do need a combination of all three to help people reconnect their pelvis and their brain to work harmoniously together. We don’t want overly tight strong pelvic floors – we want smart pelvic floors that serve their purpose and our individual needs.

Here is a two minute Video for you to have a peek at also.

I really hope some of my posts and teachings allow that spark of reconnection with your pelvic floor muscles and you start to see how much control you can regain over your bladder and bowel.


Ditch the pads!

Wear your pants with confidence.


Marie Fell is the founder of The Pilates Physio here in the UK. She is a qualified physiotherapist with over 12 years NHS experience in a wide array of specialisms and her passion lies in Posture, Pilates and the Pelvic floor! I am dedicated to helping empower ladies and gents to remain fit and active through class or 1:1 private Pilates/physiotherapy sessions. My mission is to empower, inspire and educate others to move freely and keep healthy and teaching Pilates with a clinician’s hat on allows me the best of both worlds.